Keeping It Simple

I’ve been working on a site for a friend but ran into some trouble with the image slider.  So I searched for an answer via Google.  And searched.  And clicked.  And searched.  And read.  And read.

And ran into dead end after dead end.

Eventually I noticed there was a recurring comment regarding problems with the Photoria theme’s slider, perhaps the timthumb.php file is bad. 1  So I searched again for a solution to this more specific problem.  On Google.  And searched.  And clicked.  And, well you get the drift.

I finally stopped and thought for just a second about the problem I was trying to solve: the slider in a WordPress site wasn’t working, and it might have something to do with timthumb.php.  Hey, I thought, maybe there’s a WordPress-specific answer in their forums?  What a great idea; I’ll look there.

Viola: Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner

It’s a beautiful little plugin – if it finds a vulnerability2, it offers to automatically upgrade the code.  Piece of cake.  30 minutes later.

  1. I mean, of course! []
  2. Which, in this case, it did. []

And So, We Start Over Again

I took time out to write to my old friend
I walked across that burning bridge
Mailed my letter off to Dallas, but
Her reply came from Anchorage, Alaska

And she said: Hey [John], it’s about time you wrote…


It has been years.  Years.  Much has changed, even more has not.  But I think it’s time for an overhaul.  A reboot.


I think it’s every human’s job to inspire others, to feed one another’s senses. Inspiration begets inspiration times infinity. Imagine if the person that was inspired to create the phonograph didn’t share it with the world.

Jay-Z.  (via)

more on the WordPress Blackberry app

Still playing around with the WordPress Blackberry app… Its a very slimmed-down UI, which makes complete sense, I just wish linking was easier. When I tried to insert a link in the previous post, I meed with it a bit and then gave up. Today, I tried old-school mark-up (!) and thank God the app recognized what I wanted before I slaughtered the HTML.

So, this is a link. Precious, I know.